Rookie (January 10 1939 / Bolder Colorado)

Some Of My Thoughts To Live By - Poem by SIDNEY W. JOHNSTON

1. If I love you because you love me, that is merly a trade,
like a thing bought in matket, It is not love, To be in love in
not ask any thing in return,
Not even to feel that you are giving something.
And throuh such love then you can feel
freedom to express your true emotions.

2. If you could strip desire of pain, of suffering, struggles,
of all the anxieties, and fears that go with it, So that only
the pleasure remained, Would you then want to be
free from desire.

3. If you can look into the mirror of of a realationships
exactly as you into a ordinary mirror, then their is
no end to self knowledge.

4. A great paradox of life that is the act of praying, is an
admission that we are separate and apart from God.
while are at the same time wishing our selves to be
One with God

5. Time is not a reality, only ' Now' exist. The Past is
over and does not exist.The Future has not happened
yet as it does not exist. only 'Now' is.

6. Only by what looks like deniel, when we doubt and
questions, do we recive the answers, Often we must
lose faith in order to find true faith.

7. You have to look closely if you want fine
your own empathy.

8. Freedom if it to be a true freedom. Must come from
the source that is within each individual.

9. When man stop fearing the rest of the Family of
mankind? He will stop feeling the emotion called Hate,
and be able to love everone.

10. Having a sense of hurmor is considered a
pime viture. For man that is no accident

11. I have lived long enough ot look carefully the second
time into things that I am certain of the first time.

12 The dead take to the grave, clutched in their hands,
only what have given away.

13. Pay attention to your enemies, for they are the first
to discover your mistakes.

14. We do not remember days we only remember moments.

15. We are all mortal untill the first kiss and second class of wine.

16. A lie has speed. But the truth has endurance.

17. It's not the mountains we conquer, But ourselves.

18. It's no one's business how someone keeps house,
Only what kind of neighbor they are in case of a emergency.

19. When we are the powerless to express our feelings
that is when them the most.

20. Try to like others for who they are, not what they want
you to think you are.

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