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Something I Discover - Poem by Mr. Poetic

The time is growing short
The time is getting near
For me to spread my wings
And fly away from here

My home is a place
The causes me to ache
Though I try and carry on
I've had all that I can take

The people that surround me
Don't seem to want me around
So should I search for happiness
In a far away city or foriegn town

Is there a reason
I am always depressed and sad
Is there a reason
Why I make my family so mad

I don't know if I am a good person
I am confused about my beliefs
I seem to make all those around me
Cry tears of sorrow and grief

The woman I truly love
No longer seems happy and content
Her constant demands for perfection
Have left me broken and bent

My children seem to want someone else
Though I try to care
But whenever I reach out to my children
They don't seem to be there

All my friends are gone now
Though I never had that much
And when I reach out to you
I can not feel your loving touch

But I blame myself
Because it was I who said goodbye
Because I am tired of seeing misery
Whenever I look into their eyes

Maybe its me
Maybe I am incapable of giving joy
Maybe no one see's the strong man I am
All they see is a confused little boy

Is there a place in this world
Where I can be a man and stand proud
Or must I always remain a child
Because being who you are is not allowed

I tried to find Heaven
When I overdosed on medication that I need
But instead of finding Heaven
I lost my will to succeed

So I need to find a place
I need to find a land
Where my will with come alive
And I can finally be a man

I think its time to travel
And leave everything behind
I need to search the world
Joy is something that I need to find

Forget everything in america
My wife, my children and my dead brother
It will all be worth it
If joy is something I discover

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poem Edited: Saturday, May 10, 2008

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