Sarah Lobley

Song Of The Lost Heart - Poem by Sarah Lobley

Alone in the dark
Too afraid to seek the light
World is cold and stark,
How much longer can I fight
Myself, alone in the dark?

One bright speck appears.
Who would descend to my pit
Carved of hate and fears?
Hope is pointless, forget it …
But yet, one bright speck appears.

Will I try to hide?
Light exposes every flaw,
Opens my soul wide,
Leaves failures stinging and raw.
Light hurts; will I try to hide?

Too late for that, now.
He knocks on the door I’ve shut.
He has found me? How?
I long to run away, but…
It’s much too late for that now.

I’ve fled Him so long,
Yet He always sought me out.
I know I’ve been wrong,
Why would He want me? Such doubt.
I’m scared; I’ve fled Him so long.

“Take My hand, My child.
Let Me pull you from this hole.”
I am not reviled?
“Please, reach for Me, lost soul;
I’ll help; take My hand, My child.”

I cringe from His hand,
Wounded, bleeding, all for me.
This gap can’t be spanned.
I’m so foul I can’t be freed.
Ashamed, I cringe from His hand.

He knows all my faults,
Every stain on my lost soul
Locked in shame-bound vaults.
He has come to make me whole;
Always, He knows all my faults.

And He loves me… still?
His voice pleads with me to see:
“I have paid the bill,
My blood washed the stains from thee.”
I’ve sinned, and He loves me still!

Dark is banished now,
Trembling, I take His hand.
At His feet I bow
The flame in my heart is fanned.
With it, dark is banished now.

“My lost one is found! ”
Angels take up the glad cry.
I’m no longer bound,
The chains at my feet now lie.
“At last, My lost one is found! ”

True love frees us all.
Jesus paid for the whole world,
So few hear the call.
Most have angry stones to hurl,
And yet, true love frees us all.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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