Rajendra padhi

Songs Of Void 1 To 7 - Poem by Rajendra padhi

O my dear!
Nothing is gained
Nothing is lost
It was only a desert
Gleaming like a paradise;
We were strangers
Our life was a mirage
Now memory survives us
Like a diamond
Poisons our blood,
O my dear!
How we are ghosts of night!
In the hunted castles of our life
We are epitomized
Of all illusory perceptions,
Our all cries, all tears
The puppet shows of youth
Are now killer of this frosty night,
And our smiles of endless dreams
Is nothing but a lyre of void!
O my dear!
The vanquishing shadows
Are lost as lies
The roses are oblivious
Only a veil of misty haze
When the blood dried at twilight,
Now our eyes are black clouds
Trapped in a haughty rain,
When transmission fails
Life fails to flow through us,
The wrath of time continues
Life is now a sweet reluctance
Death is a feigned acceptance.
O my dear!
One replaces the other
Contributory rivers
To the ocean of tears,
Neither we feel alive nor dead
Disquiet continues namelessly
We are unkind and kind to us
Neither have we existed in heaven
Nor on earth,
What remains is void.
O my dear!
Stars are our muses
Rivers inviolably sacred
Sappy source of our love,
They are our symbols
We scan to settle there,
They speak in silence
Silence is beyond meaning
Or multiple
It sensitizes us
With words audibly inaudible,
They speak everything
Again nothing,
They cling our souls
Sinking we swim around the stars
Bleeding we flow in the rivers
The ocean stretched infinite
Infinite is the sky!
The sons of void cries
God turns to tears
A black magic of tears
To seize the lightening of the sky
To seize the waves of confusion.
O my dear!
No where freedom blows
How can we escape from law?
We are also a law unto us,
Celestial sanctity prevails
When law is the wisdom
When it is the veiless beauty
When it is the effulgent light of truth
We hear a call from blue
Worthy of a call to nightingale’s paradise
We become visibly invisible like the wind
Ever to flow, ever to sing muses
Unbeaten by time.


O my Dear!
Rivers never return from ocean
They don’t know where they go,
They are born to flow
They keep on flowing
They are only meant for it,
They stumble and shriek
When laughter of waves roar,
The ocean is so vast
The river is so small.
We are rivers, God is the ocean
He is the kindred of Earth
Man his force,
His own manifestation
Discerning souls know.
The sureness of his power
The infallible authority
Endures all our vices
Roads to perfections
Building up.
Man is born to die
Paradise is denied
In a relation of Man and God,
O my Dear!
Listen to soft flowing river
Inscribe the song in your soul
Breezes of spring wafted
Over the valley of life,
Guilt of love betrays your soul
Righteous love breeds
Power and strength,
God and Me
Like the bird and its song,
I am the star
He is the sky,
May he be the grass!
I am the green hue,
I am the flowers
Around his neck.
O my Dear!
The essence of your heart is a lyre
Lays down a myriad mystery
The nectar of songs flow
From the ocean of tears,
The songs shimmer in the sunlight
Overflows the valley
Where birds also sing
In tears of joy,
The flowers sing too in silence
With fragrance and beauty,
O my songs of tears!
O my offspring of silence
And solitude,
Of winter and spring,
The orb of celestial music glows
Grips my heart, spell-bound I listen!
And dances like a bee
In the basking aroma of a flower
Though I may fade fast
My song will float
In the profusion of smiles
In the seasons of tears.


O my Dear!
It is only darkness even in the light
It is only brightness even in the night
The flower-clustered tree
Stands barren when snow falls,
Tell me don’t you see
You are like a mirror
Like a doll
Like a shadow
The wind of time beats,
Our love is ripened like fruits
To fall,
If you tell me of morning
The evenings are listless,
The white lilies of swinging gait
Passes away like travelers,
The vain verbiage of adornment
And your ego
Your love for fame
Your quest for treasures
Shiver to nothing
When the wind of time beats.
Are we wise beyond death?
The last glimmer of the sinking sun
Runs behind me,
It is time to remember the spring
So crispy!
Ripples dreams of a fairyland
When bees sing
on flowers of full bloom,
0 how we are drifted in illusions!
Truth stands higher
What is luminous
What is dark
Dwell in the truth
An unfathomable thought
Wakes us to find life
Amazing we die before we are dead
We live before we are born
We wake to see!
A calm cool God looks at us
We are neither born
Nor are we to die!
The earth turns into a fairy land
Our myth for martyrdom
of heroes of past
Our legends and all our stories
Ripple in the mind as a song
A whisper of time is so exotic, my dear
When thoughts come
They change the world,
You become a cascade of words
Bursting out in silence!
The effulgence of light you see
In darkness,
I transform myself into everything
I am you and you are me
In sense and sight
In thought and action
A wind blows away us
To a song,
I am angel
I am brute
I am human
I am everything
And Nothing!


O my Dear!
What is the name of the game?
Do we know before we play?
The game also plays with us
Do we win a game?
Players sweat with blood
Torn like the musky hair of toys,
What happens to the losers?
They only know their tears
Flooding the well of their hearts,
The spectators left with a thrill
The victors lose sanity
Knowing not they have to lose again,
Weep, burn even melts away
Nothing spurns your soul
All the puppet shows illusory,
Puppet’s art we know
The master knows everything
We sleep when the game is over.
O my Dear!
How can you escape from truth?
Who knows what is what?
Here it dark! Here it is bright!
Here we are wise! Here we are ignorant!
We understand everything, again nothing!
O my princes of endless passion
Forgive my words, I sing with such airs
Cups of flowers get crushed
Putting your soul in a puzzle!
Still I adore your passion,
It vibrates you to be profound
Let the gems of thoughts born in you
To know yourself,
Ah me! An alienated soul dwells enraptured
Seizing meanings of light in frosty darkness
Renewing myself from several deaths
In the morning, evening and night,
Ah my soul!
Do I know You?
May be I reborn again and again
To know You and Me!


O my Dear,
It is brief parting between you and me
Now I lean upon a frosty night
Renewing myself for another journey
My boat is crying in the storm
The sailor gone, the mast is broken.
Now you frighten me
When I walk alone though in a crowd
A silence is about me
Within me
Outside me
A silence
Out of space
Out of self
Out of time
Out of words
A silent so sweet
So lovely.
O my Dear,
Silence is the mother of muses
Inviolably sacred, salvage mankind
Roaming souls of eerie nights
Dwell enraptured for songs,
They become the light of the stars
They turn a vortex of void
Scorching summer pleases them
The winter’s chill can ever shrivel a cry
They become divinities loving lads
They find the gold mine of life
In the lost jungle of their love.
O my Dear,
I don’t know what am I singing?
A sea of words enter into me
When fragrant music flows,
Inquiring is easy
Finding an answer is vain!
I become the dead rose to glow as star
I become the brightness of sun
When faded as a star,
Don’t stumble and shriek at my words
They are fruits and flowers of silence
If I am mountain
You are my fountain of words
Silence wafts over a soft flowing song
Endures me from a pain within
Testifying a truth between you and me.


O My Dear!
Time melts between you and me
The silver stream of thoughts blush
The moon dreamily girdle on our face
We wake up for a moment of wonder
The light of knowledge blooms from stars
We are in a blue dome of heaven
Infinitely obscure,
We stir into our blood gazing blank
The smoggy darkness streams with joy
An earthly wonder! Beautifully free!
A gift rare!

O My Dear!
You and me
Like the bird and its song
You, the star
I am the sky,
I am the thread
You are the flowers.
May you be the green hue
I am the grass,
You are the blue ripples
I am the light dancing on you.

O My Dear!
Now you see that I am a leaf
Falling when spring dies
Now we care each other
We ignore too,
We are so close
So far,
Often I am the lion
You are the deer,
O my rain drops
I become your cloud.

O My Dear,
The timeless infinity waits
So many metamorphoses
Insidiously touch us,
Bring forth a vast silence
Between you and me,
I babble in words
Implores a void, quite amazing
We descry time, throw away paths
Play upon its tides
Like children with dolls
Fade into oblivion
When dolls are broken.
O My Dear!
The awesome illusions are pearls
Shining out moon and stars,
Our tears we play in a concert,
What are we nothing but a song!
A deeper, darker, bright song
For a song we live
For a song we die.


O my Dear,
We are without beginning, without end
The hard snow melts into streamlets
Chasing away a destination invisible
And lost them in the ocean.
We are beyond imagination and reality
The birds with russet wings fly around
The bowers, the glades and happy terrains
They are found and lost in wood lands
Their paradise warbling in melody
Suddenly shaken by the breath of the wind.

O my Dear!
What hazards we think sitting unprofitably
For a void pervading our melting dreams
Only a stern consciousness to live
A zephyr of love glows in blood
Throngs of people glide down to float as tears
Too weak to know what is what?
How wondrously men go on singing
On the luster of the musk rose in summer morn
Knowing not our time-worn heads silent for death.

O my Dear,
I stand frozen in my grandeur of songs
My children of silence and solitude
My celebration of my wisdom where I end
Striving me tarnishing me, embedding me
Bursting out my heart in silent pain
The planet bears a wisdom I hardly know
Though I spin million questions
In my rippling words.

O my dear,
My words are my questions and answers
My words are my confusions and profusions
My words have stolen my ego, humbled my pride
My words are my enchanters, my darlings of love
My words are banisher of my pain
My exultation and my tears of my eyes
They are concealed somewhere to burst me out
Seeing me wounded in infinite rhythm of pain.

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