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Sonnet On A 'sanguinary Fist' - Poem by Indranil Bit

The basin of sand
By a claw of drips;
Such pungent its’
To crawl the dead.
All defied n void;
The red clot flow.

Cruel as tis’ look;
Lament it a bliss.

No brave can deny
The bliss in show.
On dance of Shiva,
On crumb calm kis',
Womb the phoenix
A new era is begun.

Topic(s) of this poem: horror, sonnet

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a sonnet. It has 14 lines in 6 + 2 + 6 pattern.

Each line has 14 alphabets.

The first 6 has painted a vile, unfriendly horror. A barren basin of sand being drained with channels of blood. Bodies lie all over and the air is heavy with a decaying smell. Nothing stands strong on the ground and destruction and void both seems to incarnate on the spread of barbarity.

The next 2 lines act as the connecting bridge between the horror painted and whatsoever can be a possible explanation or a ray of hope. It asks us to lament the sanguinary portrait as a bliss.

The last 6 lines brings forth the THIRD element of the basis of evolution, i.e. Destruction. May it from the oldest Hindu lore where Destruction is personified as Shiva. It is ‘THE’ essential phase that leads to creation. Every nations and kingdoms are recorded to stand stronger than ever after a destruction. So the crumbs of bloodshed espouses a phoenix that learns to fly even higher. It marks a fresh beginning, a new era.

As line by line explanation:
………..The First 6 …………..
The basin of sand (Sand symbolizes barrenness. A desert or a deserted place. Basically any region after a fearsome war is fought.)
By a claw of drips; (the blood channelizing themselves on sand as it flows. It appears someone has clawed on them with red nails)
Such pungent its’ (The smell of rotting bodies)
To crawl the dead. (The bodies and sign of destruction lying all around, dismantled. Blood crawls over them.)
All defied n void; (All those who are defied/ challenged are brutally butchered and brought down. A perfect definition of emptiness prevails in the air.)
The red clot flow. (strengthen around the same idea as described above.)
………The next 2 ……….
Cruel as tis’ look; (This scene as portrayed is as vile and fearful as to tremble every heart)
Lament it a bliss. (But the greatness is when you imagine the same as a blessing in disguise.)
…….The last 6 ………..
No brave can deny (No brave or knowledgeable person can deny)
The bliss in show. (The show of destruction followed by remediation of the whole)
On dance of Shiva, (the effect, after-effect, long-term-effect of the 3rd phase of life cycle (Creation, Maintenance, Destruction))
On crumb calm kis', (The ruins lying calmly)
Womb the phoenix (The heap of lost hopes always cradles within, The torch of glory)
A new era is begun. (A new and better beginning ….a new door unravels……a new road unveils …a new hope shines up……a new journey begin) .

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