Sorry Too Late Poem by Francis Duggan

Sorry Too Late

I left my love in Pine Tree Lane
When hedge was russet brown
I left her in November rain
When leaves were falling down.

The tears were in her lovely eyes
As she pressed her lips to mine
The rain fell from the cloudy skies
And rooks cawed on the pine.

Her hatless head of raven hair
And eyes blue as the sloe
I turned and left her standing there
And from her I did go.

Ten years have come and gone since then
And wealth came to me with my wife
All my friends like I are wealthy men
But wealth's not everything in life.

What happened me to ever part
From one who loved me true
What happened me to wound the heart
Of Kathleen Donoghue? .

Oh I was once a happy man
And Pine Tree Lane was green
But for myself I had big plans
And I forsook Kathleen.

I've had my chance I've made my choice
And now I've cause for rue
And I've paid the price the bitter price
For marrying a wealthy shrew.

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