Curt Herrin

Spaces - Poem by Curt Herrin

Isn’t it funny how during our lifetime our space goes from small, to large, to larger, to smaller, to small, then we are right back where we started, within a small space.

Before we are born we are in a nice cozy warm space that fits just right. Suddenly, we emerge into the big huge world, only to be thrown into a space,2 feet by 5 feet, by 3 feet, our crib. We live in this space till we can climb to new heights and land on our head.

Then, we get to move into our own space, if we are lucky enough not to have brothers and sisters. In that case, we have to share our space.

We go to college, again if we are lucky, and get a space of our own, similar in size to the last space, unless we have roommates.

After college, we get married and have to have a larger space, the starter house, again sharing our space, with our soul mate.

A few years pass, a few bouncing babies come along, and BAM, we have to have more space. We either at this point, build or buy a larger space to suit our needs.

The kids grow and leave, and hey, we don’t need all this space! So, we sell our big comfy space and buy a condo or apartment with half the space. Hey, this is great, no kids, no having to cut the grass, and we got a pool. Great space!

As the years pass, our children, the same ones that we raised from birth, and sacrificed OUR SPACE for, decide that their parents are losing it and we need to put them in a confined space. So they put us into a smaller space commonly known as a retirement center. Now, we are back into a one room space, that we probably will also have to share with some other old coot.

We all know what’s next. We live in this space until we are thrown back into an even smaller space, approximately 2 foot wide by 2 feet deep by 6 feet long. Cozy, but dark, and not well ventilated. And to make it even worse then they lower us into an 8 foot deep, dark, cold, and fully of creepy crawly space forever! Unless we are lucky and rich, then they may send us into OUTER SPACE!

So, if you have a problem with thinking that you don’t have enough space, try to remember the past or look to the future. I sometimes wonder why I ever had to come out of my nice warm cozy space.

Topic(s) of this poem: life, life and death, space

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 28, 2015

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