Meghana Chandrasekhar

Specially For You, 'Respected Mother! '

She has a heart as big as the endless sky,
She has a brain which works intelligently and much more than a computer does.

Her love is incomparable to to anything in this world.
See if you take a Greeting card and draw thousand hearts on it to show and express your love for her as much as hers, you can't cause even even if those thousand hearts join together her love is greater and deep than yours.

She may be sometimes like a coconut, a little tough from outside and soft inside
And if she gets angry sometimes, she may burst out at you like a volcano,
but don't worry cause she cares for you and knows whats right for you.

She has taught you how to walk by giving you all her support and throwing her precious time into the dustbin.
Her features like loving, anger, caring, courage, kindness, truthfulness, and faithfulness can be compared to the seven colors of rainbow

She teaches you everything from knowledge till where you stand today,
and when need arises, she protects you from every danger like a true, bold and courageous warrior does, to protect his people.
No doubt, she acts like a metallic shield and fights with all her weapons, not caring for her life.

When you demand her a good and useful thing,
She gets the power of a horse and even might make her world upside down to give you that thing.
You cannot see her love but feel it.
The fresh fragrance of flowers can be compared to her love but her love is more sweet than than the taste of sweetest species of honey.

When you are hungry, she makes and serves your favorite food dish.
And when the food is not sufficient she will give it to you but remain empty stomach herself.
She gives love, strength, hope, happiness, and everything good.

If you don't find her near you, you may feel restless, uneasy and not comfortable at all.
If you haven't felt this all I bet you will, once in life atleast.

If you ever leave her made nest in life she'll be saying and meaning
'I still love you and will always.I want the garlands of happiness to come your way and my best regards will follow you like a shadow forever.'
Didn't you understand the importance of 'her' in your life?
Go run to her now.You need to care for her, respect her always and tell her what she means to you.

In the end I'll love to say to my Mother, with all my heart at my lips-
'Thank you Mother for everything you have done for me.
You hold the topmost position in my life.
I'm extremely sorry, if I've ever hurt you.
You are really very special.'

Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 12, 2013
Poem Edited: Monday, September 16, 2013

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

On behalf of the special occasion of 'Mother's Day'.Dedicated to my Mother and ofcourse all Mothers, Wishing all Mother's a very 'Happy Mother's Day'. I've actually written in my house, in the holidays after exam fever was over.It's my imagination that helped me create this poem.It's definitely not perfect and best, yet I've tried my best.All your comments and suggestions are welcome.....
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