Spider-Man: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility! Poem by Denis Martindale

Spider-Man: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Each man on Earth who strives for good
And seeks to bless the neighbourhood
Should ask himself what gifts he owns
To fight the evil crime condones!
Yet what of you who walks, runs, flies,
With spinning webs to cross the skies,
With strength and even prophecy?
Show great responsibility!

Split-second moves can save a life,
Thus bring peace to what was strife,
Defeating death before it laughs
And thus preventing epitaphs...
Inaction leads to utter loss -
A headstone and a tragic cross!
To overcome such infamy
Show great responsibility!

When greatness comes, it turns the mind -
Perhaps to benefit Mankind...
Perhaps to compensate your pains
Yet conscience blesses and restrains.
Therefore it's best to hear the call
Though it may drive you up the wall!
Don't think it's random destiny!
Show great responsibility!

So Peter Parker persevere -
Despite your doubt, despite your fear...
Despite your hate, despite your love...
Despite your thoughts, just rise above...
Tenacity is needed now -
Not posing for some gracious bow...
Superhero, do all you can
To honour the name of Spider-Man!

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