Frank Ian Bowen

Rookie (23 May 1952 / Portsmouth, England)

Spirit And Soul - Poem by Frank Ian Bowen

Human spirit’s a strange thing to see
It lives deep within both you and in me
You can’t go and buy one from a shop or a store
Yet its often displayed and when seen you want more
You can touch someone’s spirit but not with your hand,
You can feel someone’s spirit, but it isn’t a gland
You can affect someone’s spirit with words, and with deed
And it’s often improved when someone’s in need
We sometimes will talk of digging deep into soul
But no-one has seen it, not even a mole!
Are the soul and the spirit the same wispy thing?
Do they both make up songs then if hearts they make sing?
How is it that feelings and emotions do come?
Is it soul or the spirit that heart strings do strum?
Where in this web of curious rhyme
Is the best place to put these blue genes of mine?
Does my mood swing change and its hue colour too
Due to workings of soul and my spirit, or you?
Does my energy flow, my life spark, my spring
Get affected by you or by spiritual thing?
Why is the sound of your voice, laugh or word
Detected by ears yet in heart it is heard?
How is it your touch, your taste or your smell
Can enter my brain and make my heart swell?
Is this physical onslaught I feel when you’re close
The effect of strong drugs or a spiritual dose?
Are the words that I write that flow from my pen
Mere effect of my brain or your presence then?
Why can I write, create words that do flow
Whenever I ‘m close to you? I think we both know.
Yes I think the spirit and soul are the same
I even believe that two souls bear a name
When matched in a way that blends into one
A soulmate’s created, one spirit, just one.
I think I have found mine. Its taken so long
To find my soul’s partner, but I know I’m not wrong.
The soul and the spirit are both wispy things
But they do make up songs, and they do make hearts sing.

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