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Strength For Your Weakness - Poem by Adedeji Ologbenla

This poem was inspired by God, my baby Omotola Owuh and by the circumstances around me. I dedicate it to My God, my Family and My Baby

As you step out of your comfort zone
Life might hit you hard on your face
You might stretch your hands for showers of blessing
And end up only with blisters and bruises

Life to you might turn to beds of thorns
And each step might feel like the floor is filled with broken glasses
You might stretch your hands to fly
Just to find out someone’s duty is to pull you down
Life might to you be too cruel and fierce

You might struggle day in day out and become weary
You might decide to take a nap under a tree
Only to find out it is soldier-ants infested
You might be sweet-tongued to take a path
Only to find out it is a wrong path
Your strength might diminish at every passing minute

In life’s sojourn, your feet will hurt
Your strength will wane
Your joy will be tainted by sadness
Those that have always stood by you might be nowhere to be found
And every passing pains too much for you to bear

Your path will be blocked by obstacles
At almost every point of your journey
Daylight might wane and darkness might intensify
And every junction might be confusion itself

I tell you, keep keeping on
Let the last strength in you be usurped
For you might do all in your power
And yet none will be fulfilled of your aim and ambition
Not man not you not your strength
But listen today to the words of my hands

Instead of lamenting, questions should be asked
What am I not doing wrong?
What am I not supposed to do?

When help doesn’t come when really needed
Ask if you would have helped, if it was you?
Like begets like
And you get what you deserve

You might be the strongest man living
You might be brewing with great ideas
Listen I tell you,
Those things amounts to nothing

You might wake up every morning
And do all that is needed to win
Listen I tell you
It takes something more than the natural
Being a success is supernatural

If you listen not to the words of my hands
Then all trials, challenges and pains
Will become a victor and you a victim
Then the beauty of life will be sour to your taste
And the bitterness thereof all you can taste

Maybe we should wait
Till all your powers have been usurped
Maybe you will tell the designer of time and life
To help when all humanly hope is dashed

He knows there will be times we will need him
Even when we don’t realize we need him every moment
He knows we will one day be troubled in our mind
Perhaps we will find him for help
He await that time we will know all is about him

He is the God of all creation
He cares now and always forever
Neglect him and run the race of life all by yourself
Acknowledge him and learn that life is beautiful
When you think there is no way
He will show you the way
Or even make the way for you

Run as much as you can
You can’t over take him even when he is crawling
Fly as high as you can
You can’t get to his place of abode
For on the wings of man can you fly

He made the wings of angels
He can give you to fly beyond human reach
Trust him, love him, walk with him
And you will achieve the impossible

When nature strikes you hard on your face
He will soothe your feelings
When challenges line themselves in your path
He will give you wings to fly above them
Just walk with him

All you need is God in all
For all that you are, all that you will be He knows

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The style was inspired by spoken words which stresses the importance of direct communication of poetry and not the big un-understandable words (if there is a word like that) for a lay-man and I hope this passes a message across to someone.

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