Okoronkwo Jonathan Jackson

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Strides Of Reality - Poem by Okoronkwo Jonathan Jackson

Lay down thy ears and let me utter
Those verbocious fabrications that
Will so twist the fist of thy understanding leaving
The doors of thy mouth ajar in speechless vocality
And the rein of thy knowledgeable acumen
In an everlasting ponder of
What conundrum it be
Of such lines.
Like the mystic serenades awakening the eyes
Of the gods to the hands of battle; so
My pen dances upon the jubilating paper
In a ring of momentous fete
When the twine of my medulla rotates
In the pace of a vocal acrimony to
Lay down those verbal astuteness that
Will so twirl the fibers of thy passion
Upon a rested bosom of fantasy.
No fairy fancy fables these words- but
A touch of reality
Clustered upon the marrows of illusion.
Let thy heart set sail
Upon this floating ship of whimsy
Accepting that which unto thee tranquility breeds
Having thee rested still
Upon the bastion of emotion
Feeling the dance of the green nature with
The fragrance of the lily cast
Upon the atmosphere with
Shades of serenity and
Aura of affection.
In it’s simplicity you pick the clarity
Of its difficulty;
Wordings so clear yet
Built in a fabricated confusion
Think not to unravel the hidden wisdom
Of each line; but in
Thy wisest subtlety
Should be thy major aim.
What I speak is
Wisdom unto all ages
Like a baby has she cuddled me
And nurtureth me to growth that
Soaked in the shadows of her supremacy
I live.
It is for thy sake. Why?
Why do you tear and bite thyself?
Why the worry?
From whence cometh thy strife?
Speak forth and tell me why thy sorrow?
Look how like the
Blood sucking bug, deep
In the fabrics of thy anatomy it dwells
Squeezing life out of thee gradually.
Hast thou not learneth?
In life is thy happiness engraved
In the palms of thy hand.
Lurk not unto those blames like the blind groping in the obscurity of guilt-
What be the expectations of thy heart?
Knoweth thou not?
Unto friendship is betrayal for carefulness
Unto enmity is hatred for refining
Tell me
Whaht be you without either?
Lose friends and no one gives thee the advise to celebrate thy good time
Lack enemies; and live in the delusions of reality and life lesson
One way
You have to smile
Be joyous;
Hearken unto backbiters and be crushed forever!
How long?
Speak! How long shall thou lurk
Unto the nipples of the breast
With the doors of thy lips ajar
Clamoring for a suckle like a baby?
Hard times maketh the valiant
Look not for whom to feed thee with fish
Allow thyself in the school of fishing and learn to catch fish for thy nourishment
Gallantry is the first step to valor
Fear not the horde but
Avoid the throng.
In success and out of achievement
Mouths are meant to wag.
T’is a fact inevitable
In the fabrics of nature.
Consider these words and learn that
Against all odds, life goes on.
Never be pulled down by worries,
Thou hast nobody to blame for thy misfortune.
Strive for the best while you can. And
The rest
Unto the hands of providence leave.
Time is drapery of destiny
A curative to adversity
Thou must be a mastery of life’s given
Life is full of mystery-
Of what tomorrow bringeth thou knoweth not
Why dwelling on that corridor of anxiety?
Entreat from the Omnipotent
Lose not sight of that which he offers
Underrate not the arms of his strength
And the of thy sorrows
Shall be filled with yams of delight.
Only be cheerful
Glee at all cost
Jovial thy watch word in wise and disciplined manner
And exultant.
Above all
Live thy life as though a king
And be treated like one.

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