Miss Thang

Stronger With Each Tear - Poem by Miss Thang

I grow stronger with each tear.
I grow bolder with each fear.
As I continue to move forward not looking back on the past
I finally begin to see where my worth is at.
As I release expectations and begin to forgive
Now, and only now, do I really begin to live.
As I allow my self to unlock the secrets and shame within
I am reminded of how I can inspire other women.
I was told you’d have eyes in the back of your head
if you were supposed to look back and reflect
On bad choices and moments of shame.
Because God forgives each sin, each person, the same.
If God can love you despite your flaws
Why do you refuse and continue to pause?
So, girl, you gotta let it go!
Let go of all the pain and the suffering
I know you’ve been through almost everything!
You hold on so tight
And it keeps you up at night
Or maybe you sleep it away
So you don’t suffer through the day.
But, baby, hear me when I say
That He loves you anyway.
He’ll hold you when you’re afraid.
Lift you up through another day.
But you gotta let Him in!
And you gotta trust in Him.
I know you feel unloved and alone
With only you and the kids at home.
You wonder why does this always happen to me
And I gotta be honest with you, baby.
You don’t love yourself
So you won’t let Him help.
You look in the mirror and all you see
Is the reflection of the woman you don’t want to be.
So it’s time to change.
Its time to say
I won’t be held down no mo’
And I’m walkin out that do’
Into a new today
Into a brand new way.
I know I don’t know how and
I don’t know where I’m gonna go
But I’m gonna trust him
Yes, I’m gonna trust him.
So, Jesus take my hand.
I’m ready to leave this land.
Land of pain and misery
I want peace and prosperity
And I’ll make the change
And I’ll take your hand
Jesus lead the way
I’m ready when you say.
I’m gonna move on
And I’m gonna be strong.
Jesus take my hand
And Jesus lead the way.
Lord take my life
I give it to you today.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 1, 2010

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