Stupidity Street Poem by Ralph Hodgson

Stupidity Street

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I saw with open eyes
Singing birds sweet
Sold in the shops
For people to eat,
Sold in the shops of
Stupidity Street.
I saw in vision
The worm in the wheat,
And in the shops nothing
For people to eat;
Nothing for sale in
Stupidity Street.

Neema Tshiring Lepcha 28 July 2019

i read this poem when i was in class Nine that time i became deep into this internal core of meaning. so now i am in Post Graguation now i have been read this poem and gone deep like when i was in class Nine.

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A. Madhavan 28 May 2018

I remembered the title of the poem, checked it this morning, sun-bright after rain shower last night, found this verse in Poem-hunter website, pleased by the quirk of unreliable memory which took me seven decades back, thought of animals, birds, insects - fellow-creatures we call 'jantu's in Sanskrit, as a tribute to Life - and decided to write my own verse on 'Stupidity World' as a salute to R. Hodgson. Shall also read some poems of William Blake.

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J.Dawson 24 September 2019

I hope u post your poem that you will be making up. i'm too old to listen to simple poems like this.

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