The Bells Of Heaven Poem by Ralph Hodgson

The Bells Of Heaven

Rating: 2.9

'Twould ring the bells of Heaven
The wildest peal for years,
If Parson lost his senses
And people came to theirs,
And he and they together
Knelt down with angry prayers
For tamed and shabby tigers
And dancing dogs and bears,
And wretched, blind pit ponies,
And little hunted hares.

John Beaton 28 August 2018

So true. The humans go to heaven/ mere animals do not dichotomy of many religions breaks down at the interface. Animals are sentient creatures too. This little poem says it concisely.

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Maureen Evans 18 July 2018

Breaks y heart. I must pass it on to my friends.

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Glenn Frederick Baker 31 May 2016

I was so pleased to discover this poem; it was often recited to me by my mother, now long gone.

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Poetic Sky 30 June 2021

Fabulous poem as POTD

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 June 2021

Congratulations being chosen as The Classic Poem Of The Day! Hoorray!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 June 2021

2) 'The Bull, ' ' Eve, ' ' The Bells of Heaven, ' and ' The Song of Honour, ' are regularly included in poetry anthologies. I like this poem very much, bit irony, bit melancholy and a very sad tone BUT a jewel, a gem for us to read! To my Favourites!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 June 2021

1) 5 Stars full for this amazingly worded poem, a cutest tiny sweetest one. I cite here from his Bio: In 1924, he moved to Japan and took a post as English lecturer at Sendai's University. His reputation as a poet rests upon a small number of publications.

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ian morton 19 May 2020

wonderful piece of poetry. A must for any conservationist!

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