Aldo Kraas

Rookie (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

Sudbury Dreamer - Poem by Aldo Kraas

Sudbury dreamer
He is not the only one in Sudbury
There are a few alike him in Sudbury
Sudbury dreamer
This morning, and everyday may we be reminded
Of the blessings we enjoy as a result of
Living in America
May we remember the price that has been paid
For that freedom
All through the years
Let us realize that this freedom is not guaranted
We can loose it someday
But for now Sudbury dreamer we must enjoy it
Of one of the things you make who gets that special piece?
Who gets the best and most cherrished?
I never meet anyone that has courage like you do
Besides you stand high
Because you are sitting in a high stone
Sudbury dreamer
You got to get right
And see it for yourself
You are living for God
And when you tell your
Story about God
It is so rewarding when I listen to it
It is wonderful to know that God has changed your life
And you are somebody new
I saw you looking in the mirror and adjusting your hair
Sudbury dreamer
You are not rich enought to buy your past
But lets not get into it
In the past you were imature
And today you are more mature
You know what life has to offer you
You are not a fool
You don't look to me like one
Sudbury Dreamer
Tingly grip the quill
Puncture the wrist
Sign your name on the dotted line
Appease the devil's wish
Or stand up and fight
Pull out the fiery sword
Pick up the shield of life
Fend of the devil's hordes
The first path is simplest
Living with ease on earth
But the perpetuity after death
Is infinitely without mith
Sudbury dreamer
Waiting for you is like
Waiting for a rain in the drought, useles and disappointing
Because I want to spend sometime with you
But I can understand
We walk different paths
You always take the shortest path Sudbury dreamer
I always take the longest path Sudbury dreamer
Because I live further Sudbury dreamer
And you live near that bay
Sudbury dreamer
Each broken promise
The shattered dreams
Cascading down
In glistenning stream
Deep beneath the surface
An abundantly suply
A revoir of despair
Never to run dry
If only the Sudbury dreamer could clutch it
That outward shell
Fold it in on myself Sudbury dreamer
Like an imploding cell;
Hold my breath as I watch you Sudbury dreamer
My sorrows drown,
The weight of your sins Sudbury dreamer
Pulling me down
Sudbury dreamer found you
And he is searching for your hand
Sudbury Dreamer
The constellation will change
Big dipper's handle
Will be pulled to the south
And orion lose his sword
Before the last pain is gone,
Says the stone
Am alloting my share
As the fountain glitering dust
Springs up and falls back into itself,
All the Sudbury dreamer's days come from somewhere inside me
Dole out in a bowl of stone
There is a calm light around old trees
They let the wind flow through there leaves
And the star pas high over their crowns
In majesty procession
Sudbury Dreamer
Now you have to learn to love yourself
You will lift up your eyes
Sudbury Dreamer
I can say to you
We have our share of troubles
Sudbury Dreamer
Love is leting go of fear
Lift him up God
Bring peace to his home
The home of the Sudbury dreamer
Sudbury dreamer
Your love is deeper than a river
Sudbury dreamer
A little more love you can give to the ones who care's about you
I don't think it would hurt personally
This is my opinion
Sudbury dreamers
Trust yourself
For the last ten years the atmosphere was heavier outside
The Celullar replaced the phone
Sudbury dreamer
Has no eyes that can't see in the dark
Sudbury dreamer
No body else in the world but you know
What is pain and hearthaches
Sudbury dreamer
Other's don't know you at all
Sudbury Dreamer
Keep your cool
Keep Your cool
And just hang in there
Sudbury dreamer
You are good in the job you do
Construcion work
The rain is falling of the face of the earth

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