A Blank Screen Poem by Aldo Kraas

A Blank Screen

Rating: 3.4

I turned on my computer today
My mind is blank
I look into a blank screen
Can’t think of what to write
Time is passing by
And I haven’t written anything yet
I can’t blame it on myself
My mind is somewhere else
- Still at home

R H 12 January 2007

Our minds have to go elsewhere in order to turn that blank canvas into a piece of art...Justine

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Malini Kadir 08 April 2008

yes..I guess sometimes it is just like that.......

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Sandra Finch 21 January 2008

This is so true, I can write and write, then my mind goes blank for a long time. Time to visit the world for more inspiration.

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Osceola Waters 13 August 2007

Estonko Aldo, i know the feeling, that's when i ask for help, help is always forth coming, Osceola.

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Colleen Courtney 17 June 2014

Brain freeze, writer's block, a moment daydream......all of the above....I think we've all had these days!

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Pranab K Chakraborty 22 July 2010

MY MIND IS SOMEWHERE ELSE / - STILL AT HOME MY MIND IS SOMEWHERE ELSE / - STILL AT HOME MY MIND IS SOMEWHERE ELSE / - STILL AT HOME Age of refugee and rehabilitation. Throughout the globe perhaps echoing these words...... MY MIND IS SOMEWHERE ELSE / - STILL AT HOME......... Regards, 10++++ pranab

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Richard Hexem 17 June 2010

I do, remember them quite well. Actually, I had one today.

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Edward Rhodes 03 June 2010

Ah yes, those times when you slip into screen saver mode, I remember them well (although, actually, I don't)

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we say hewwo 18 April 2008

I have moments like that all the time! Though I'm not sure my mind is always at home, I do not know where it is.

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