Sunset Of The Summer Sky Poem by Grace Gardiner

Sunset Of The Summer Sky

Looking out my window, I’m in pure bliss
The sky’s colors are mesmerizing
The shapes of the clouds glow with excitement
Could anything be more beautiful?
This evening if definitely one to remember
The suns ray’s are beating down to the ground
Still lighting up the streets of the summer night
Looking down at people laughing, having fun…
Making memories that will last a lifetime
I can’t seem to take my eyes off the world above me
Stuck in my own place of peace
I can feel the smile appearing on my face as I look on knowingly
Soon it will be the stars time to shine
Everyone would’ve forgotten about the picture perfect sunset
The one that made them stop and gaze on happily
The lights will be turned on and the party will start
Saying goodbye to the sun and hello to dark.

Dr Antony Theodore 26 July 2010

the wonderful sunset, the stars and the joy of your poetic mind.... and your sadness to realize that the whole world forgets all the beauty of nature which made you wonder... for a moment............. that is life. but you are gifted with a poetic mind to sense it. that is your greatness. thank you for sharing

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