Super Knowledge! Part 5 Poem by RAY OF LOVELY LOVE

Super Knowledge! Part 5

'Don't follow the thing that you don't know'
Human has limitless vast of matters to know
You have power to HEAR but you don't hear all sounds
Human hearing sounds have certain range
If more or less you Hear none!
Man can see in the light
Some lights are so that can't be seen by you:
As ultra violet ray for example..
Our intelligence is limited too..
This Universe is vast and how much vast none can imagine..
What we feel or see around us is nothing but the fallacy of a different form of big Super power!
Ruh or soul is Allah/God himself and its manifestation is his creations! !
Whoever Allah wishes can show his luminous form:
That form is seen not by eye of flesh but by the eye of wisdom or inner sight! !
Is it possible for the same soul to come back again and again to this worldly life?
Answer is if Allah wants it to happen!
The print of great Saint Abdul Qadir Zilaani rahmaa tullahi alaihi's Palm
Was noticed On the back of Bahauddin Naks bondi rahmatullahi alahi:
During his live time Abdul Qadir Zilaani rahma tullahi alahi told:
That He would return to this world again by the Name of Bahauddin Naks bondi! !
And the rebirth of Hindu community is different from us:
They try to shape a form of the person worthy of worshiping
In Islam we cannot shape a form of Allah as forbidden by Islamic Law! !
And our Prophet peace be upon him said one who had seen me Had seen the creator!
Still we have to keep and follow the Islamic Law/Shoriya
So our PROPHET is prophet and creator Allah is Allah! !

We cannot think Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him as our Creator and Creator Himself has taken a human shape as it is forbidden by a wall of shoriyah called islamic LAW! !
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