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Ah! The River Is Dead

Once it was deep:
Full of currents and water whirlpools!
Boats sailed and Dolphins peeped!
One barrage has killed:

Heart Breaking Goodbye! !

Ah dear self;
None will come to you leaving all things
None is coming to you whoever you meet
The ground under your feet is slipping day by day

Experiences Tell Me To Deal

What's the aim in life?
Some corners feel 'eat, drink and have a merry'
But experiences think the other way:
At Last Everything goes to its root:

Super Knowledge! Part 1

about soul: part 1
Soul is not a common affair
A supernatural matter that almost all people lack the idea
For common the common dialogue is Allah's/God's order

Super Knowledge! Part 2

you are not useless
you are useful
dig the island
Get the TREASURE! !

Super Knowledge! Part 3

If we are part of the same soul that ever flowing,
Then why punishment for us for our bad deeds!
And why HEAVEN or HELL is made!
Cause, Allah/God has created us by giving chances:

Super Knowledge! Part 5

'Don't follow the thing that you don't know'
Human has limitless vast of matters to know
You have power to HEAR but you don't hear all sounds
Human hearing sounds have certain range

Super Knowledge! Part 4

No spiritual master is willing to reveal reality
The reality related with Muhammad peace be upon him
When any ordinary soul associates with super soul;
It becomes the part of the super soul:

High Thinking.....1.....

Our way of life is thorny!
Our small life is surrounded by varieties of thorns!
Patiently life is in advanced form!
Those who lead patiently life, easily get creator's blessings!

Super Knowledge! Part 6

Soul is immortal:
So a man's soul never demises!
THE Demise of his body may be thought of!
The Soul of the Insaan/saints annihilate into super soul!

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