Krishna MichaEl

Supplanters - Poem by Krishna MichaEl

Behold, my people
The whole world
Is in a state of perpetual worship
Of our ancestors

Black man, black woman,
And black child – awaken
For danger is upon us;
The Adversary seeks our end
He knows who we are
And what we are capable of

The nations are united against us
They have formed a confederation
And are of one consent
To destroy us

Therefore, behold the genocide of our people
And the psychological warfare
Employed against us
In the form police brutality,
Planned Parenthood abortion clinics,
Hollywood movies, mainstream media,
The education system,
And the music industry
To name only a few

Why does the Adversary do this?
To supplant us.
For dark skin and wooly hair –
(Sometimes short, sometimes long,
Sometimes an Afro, sometimes in locks
That reach to the ground) –
Is the universal symbol
Of the divine nature

Observe Buddha, who is always shown
As black with wooly hair
And Shiva, who wears his hair in locks
Krishna means the black one
Kali also is black; Vishnu as well
Osiris was black, Horus was black
Isis is the eternal black mother
Adam was black, Eve was black
Enoch was black,
Noah was black
Ham, Shem, and Japheth were black
Abraham was black,
Isaac was black, Ishmael was black
Jacob was black
Joseph was black
Moses was black, Aaron was black
Saul, David, and Solomon were black
All of Israel and all of Judah were
(And still are) black
Even Christ was black,
With wooly hair,
As stated in Revelation 1: 15
The entire Greek and Roman pantheon
Was formed of Egyptian deities,
Who were all black
For the original Greeks
Were black and from Egypt
And the Romans learned from them
Even Muhammad was black,
Along with all the Arabians

Therefore, black man, black woman
And black child,
Whether one is Hindu,
Buddhist, Judaic, Christian,
Muslim, or Pagan,
He is engaged in the
Perpetual worship of our ancestors

And if he is Zoroastrian or Taoist,
He is following the teachings
Of our ancestors,
For the ancient Persians were black
And even the Chinese
Are of African stock

Why then does the Adversary
Paint Christ and the prophets
As white with stringy hair?
To supplant us.
Yea, to be worshipped as
The gods of old

But the white Christ is no more than
Cesare Borgia,
The son of Pope Alexander VI,
While the white disciples
And prophets are only
Fanciful creations from the hands of the
Michelangelo and Leonardo de Vinci

But their works are in vain
For the truth has been told

Therefore, awaken, black man,
Black woman, and black child
Reclaim your heritage,
For this is your inheritance
Yea, you are rich

And be not amazed
That the Adversary has supplanted you
In music too, that divine art
For he has placed his image
Over Folk, Blues, Rock and Roll,
Jazz, Disco, Opera, Classical,
Ska, Reggae, R&B, and even Rap –
To name only a few

Let not this evil be done, my people
Be not a plunder
Unto all the nations

Take back that which is yours
And destroy from before you the deception

For you are blessed
Above all people on earth
And you are greatly loved
By the Lord, your Creator

Therefore, love each other
And love the truth
For the truth
Shall make your free
- Amen

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