Sweet Amok Of Blue

I dreamed that I couldn't olden
a view
and I couldn't propose a body for
two hearts

Then I looked down the valley
of the keen passages
a seduction pregnant with
skirmishes and
a blessing with a wooden leg
were walking there

it felt like I had lungs
to only breathe within that world
and I suddenly plugged
all the cracks on my body
from which the memory of you
flowed in the form
of small ribs

I watered my cravings until floods
kissed every mistaken volume
shivering questions in lazy mouths
a thorny ether selling sympathy
to a scratched passing
just like a nun in her abandonship
with the cross
just like ashes from my past
blinking in the eyes of playful children
on a sunny day
a promise that will rot like a flower
preserved for its dried beauty
in books unwritten

I think I followed a dirge
a rebellion-like silence
or it was a hermit
revived from a loneliness
that I drove away

We entered a garden
full of arrows
relics from left handed
and he said nothing is fated
but everything's an epoch
on the side of a dice

Then I looked up
it was somehow blue
sweet amok of blue.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: blue,color,love,sadness