Sweet Mother Poem by Sunday Igwebuike

Sweet Mother

Rating: 5.0

Mother where are you,
Can you see what is happening?
The world has gone crazy
The world has turned upside down
Men live in their heads now,
Feet barely touching the ground,
And don't know where they're going!
Nobody seems to know!

In the light of your leaving
I begin to understand
The world revealed in your words.
O Grand Mum,
How I weep in your absence!
I think of you every day,
Of all the sober thoughts
You harbored for my future,
But the listening ears you trained
In me still struggle
To make sense
Of a world you left too soon.

For the world does not yet hear your words
Or feel their impact as I do,
The sweetness of your pudding
Does not feed the hungry of
The earth as God might wish,
And the news of recent days
Seems to be all that you foretold
Desiring my protection.

O Great Mum
How I wish you had not
Gone so soon, that you might see
The tragedy that I see now
In our world.
We cry all day and night,
Yet it seems the great God
Has abandoned us, gone deaf...
We are in grave predicament
Though we are born to die.

As a vessel of your Holy Words
I swear to take the
Message of your love
To my generation.
I do this to pay
My great respect!
I will place your silent moan
And the groan of my own generation
On the altar of the living God.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: african poem,mother
Sarah Persson 18 May 2016

Oh this is such a sad but very powerful poem. You are a very good poet. I look forward to reading more of your work. I rated this poem a perfect 10, love it :)

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