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I glance across the moon lit beach,
The grains of sand squelch under feet,
Impossibilities, become real
But all that's real is out of reach.

All I see is distance,
With no spaces inbetween,
A rock without a resting place,
A deadly fall without the scream.


My mind, a field of red,
A work of art within my head,
My eyes, a solemn green,
Casting glances, never seen.

As you lay here beside me
I can see beyond your smile
Your heart, the normal charm you have
Is lost here for a while,

So much to say,
But no words to speak,
So much to see,
But eyes that can't seek.

Sometimes our hearts cascade in shades,
All colours masked like seasoned seas,
A blossomed tree that's sparcely thorned,
A hero in life yet bravery scorned.

I sit here, yes, in these four walls,
I sit here and I wait,
For time will surely pass this way
And make me leave, as if I'm late.

Sometimes I live inside my mind,
Sometimes I step outside,
Sometimes my thoughts are vivid and deep,
Sometimes they don't exist,

On shallows of grass,
Through the hills made of green,
The houses are built,
Mainly few n far between,


I've walked along this rocky ledge,
Amidst the black and ash filled cloud,
There beats my heart, there lives my soul,
Is this my destiny, to just grow old?

No Sentiment

I could all but wonder what you captured in your gaze,
What shadows spilled in tortured moments

One small rose,
A beautiful red,
Blooming in the flower bed.
The sweetest scent,

The narrow path I wander down, always leads to home,
The clouds above are building up and yet onwards I roam,
The air is thick and heavy as the rain drops start to fall,
How well the storm clouds fit my mood, at one with natures call.

In meadows where the bluebells rest,
Encrusted petals of morning dew,
Glints gently where the sunlight spills
And shadows rest on rocky hills.

After the storm I watched with wide eyes,
Til the crests of the waves had gentled in rhythm,
Til the winds had calmed and the trees were stood tall,
And the crisp evening air calmed my thoughts.

May I rest for a short while,
Where the angels once trod,
Lay alone as the flowers bloom,
Whisper quietly to mornings moon.

I see this world in light reflecting colours,
The exact same colours mixed within your eyes,
And all I ever captured, it was taken from your heart,
So loving you is all I care to start.

I give to you my poetry,
An entire book of it I gift,
You may not read into it what I've seen,
For you have your own thoughts to breathe into it.

I wear my mask, distort my face,
A gentle soul revealed,
But dare you look to deeper grades,
This heart's not really, ever healed.


Night time falls quiet,
Cold winds breaking silence
And blow does the wind,
And it snows.

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When we leave this world people dont remember how fat or how skinny we were. They dont remember how plump your lips were or the style of your clothes. People remember who you were as a person, be that good or bad and also what you've left behind. Make your self memorable for something of a generous kind. Put your mind to a canvas, a page in poetry or a song. Invent something. Leave something others can learn from or admire or at least smile at and nod and they will say, " This person was amazing, a credit to mankind.")

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The Sea Is Me

I glance across the moon lit beach,
The grains of sand squelch under feet,
Impossibilities, become real
But all that's real is out of reach.

Reality overwhelms each day,
Confusion begs my mind to play
But all at once I'm insecure,
Which way to turn? I'm not quite sure.

Each wave that crashes, pounds the sand,
The rhythm writhes inside, I find
That with each breath, each heart felt beat,
My turmoil sounds and it repeats.

I close my eyes and all I hear,
Is thunder from my inner ear,
A beating heart, my rhythmic drum,
The sea is me and I've become.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 21 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poetess Sarah Louise Persson born on 14 October 1966 in Wellington, Shropshire, United Kingdom as, Motherly Stream. This title of honour is offered to her due to her high perseverance and notable contribution to the world literature. From today onward she will be known as Motherly Stream Sarah Louise Persson. We hope all poets, people and visitors will like this.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 14 August 2018

Love eternally will remain one of the best love poems for me this year. I am wonder-struck to have gone through it. May God give her a very long poetic path to walk along. Regards. Subhas

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Marilyn Lott 02 May 2016

I enjoy your poetry very much, love your rhyming style. Actually, quite similar to mine. Great writing, Sarah.

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Gregory Vest 15 January 2016

Your work show love whether of people or nature. I look forward to reading more of your poems.

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