Swordsman Poem by Mike poet


Jonas stepped into the twilit sky more than just a little inebriated. The thought crossed his mind that he should have stopped about 10 mugs back, but it was good ale. So through a slightly foggy haze he set out to find a place to sleep.
At the bar he had heard of an Inn on main street at the East end of town so he headed towards it through the alley along side the Tavern.
Beings it was past midnight and the Moon was across its zenith dark obfuscate images aroused his awareness. After walking perhaps 50 steps while keeping close watch along the walls, he saw two figures clad in the colors of night he knew there would be trouble.
The ale had made him just careless enough to speak and alert them that he knew of their presence. ' Ho there, what are you doing lurking in the shadows? Me thinks you might be cutthroats and if you come near me I'll likely stick a knife in your ribs.'
One was taller and dressed in darker colors and spoke first.' You'd be welcome to try if you think you have the metal for it.' The shorter one in a gray tunic added. 'As far as to what we are doing in the alley that is none of your concern and you'll need not worry yourself of it.'
Jonas snorted and replied.' Worry Ha! I've never worried to cross steel with a couple of a thieves such as you.'
Both men stepped perhaps 5 yards ahead of Jonas and drew their short swords. They separated attempting to surround him. Meanwhile Jonas drew his own sword gripped it firmly with both hands and placed his back to the wall.
The darker clad thief stabbed at Jonas which he parried and catlike, spun away from the wall his counter stroke severing the neck of the shorter thief who grabbed his throat after dropping his sword uttering gurgled curses as he fell.
The taller dark clad one was a better swordsman and the exchange of blows, which followed, was quick and concise with the only discernable light being the sparks from steel meeting steel.
The clang of one blade to the other drew a crowd of those who were creatures of the night. Though they could barely see in the darkness they stood transfixed. Mutterings were heard in admiration of the speed of the ensuing fight.
Then the tall thief made his fatal mistake perhaps it was but an act of the Gods of luck and odds, whatever the reason it cost him his life. His foot slipped on an ale container and he lost his balance. Jonas took advantage and with a downward stroke of his blade cleaved the man from the top of his skull to breastbone.
While wiping his blade and sheathing it he mused of the ease in which death could be achieved compared to the hardness of living.
'These fools he thought. Well perhaps the Gods would allow them another chance if they see fit.' His mind then drifted to the Gods. ' Were they once mortals who had somehow after many lives amassed enough knowledge to acquire Godly status? But that was too complicated to ponder in this state.'
For the moment he contented himself with what mortal pleasures the night still had to offer. He cursed as he felt the nearly empty purse, which he carried in his pocket. He must settle for a cheap room this night and choose his bedmate in the same way. Lamenting the woes of broke he headed towards the inn.

I grew up loveing the work of Robert E. Howard.

Mike poet

Mike poet

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