Flencirose Basera

Synchronised Love - Poem by Flencirose Basera

I await my lover,
To say the word.
I await the man of my dreams,
To fill my heart with love and joy.
To make the move.
I yearn for him!
I yearn to hear his voice!
I yearn to be near him!
I take every chance to be around him,
But he is not saying a word.
I can feel his love!
I can feel his need!
I can feel his desire!
I can see his effort!
In the way he has scrubbed himself!
In the way he has carefully dressed!
But I suppose he can see my effort too!
Will he make a move?
We look at each other and we shy away.
Time wasted!
Love abound!
We are like two sychronised stars!
Like waves that move in sychronicity!
Rythmic sychronised movement!
We create joyous movement!
Like dancers intertwined,
Each step following suite,
Dancing to the music of love!
Love that is so raptuous!
Love that can glow!
Love that has got respect!
Love that is patience!
Love that is caring!
Love that is God fearing!
There are no hidden things between us!
He really knows me!
A skeleton that is now healthy and bubbly!
He nurtured, prayed, encouraged, willed and hoped!
All because he loved!
I now give that love back directly to him in abundance!
I am patient with his love
For he is a still soul
Who takes time to make a move.
A patient soul even when it hurts.
I await him to tune himself.
I await his response for he has shut himself inside.
Alive in a shell.
That no one can break.
Only my lover can break it from inside.
When the pressure of love is enough.
Think of me in your stillness.
Think of me in your quiteness.
Let my love talk to you.
Let my desire disrupt you.
Feel my urge.
Feel that warmth glowing love exhumes!
Do not take too long my love!
You have already taught me to wait patiently.
In the shade of hope!
Hope that speaks of love!
A different kind of love! ! !

'Pipi' (Tears from my heart)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 4, 2011

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