Gregory Crockatt

Grace Maternity Halifax
Gregory Crockatt
Grace Maternity Halifax
Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yo Chris, the system tried to destroy me, they won't employ me
I used to be a man but now no one looks at me
when they look they only see insanity, a calamity
they cannot listen, the truth is a lesson, a precession
everywhere I turn, the preprogramming manifests
so much pain, the insults rain, again and again
I slow down, I speed up and encounter more tests
yet the tests have no bearing, a new skin I am wearing
I've shed the old for the new, dissassociated too
bearing no grudges, theres nothing left for me to do
giving it all up for the righteousness, the worlds amiss
with confusion and contrary definitives dismissive hands up
every direction leads back to slavery, its too tough
time for a change a return to the way it used to be
you see I'm a crucial superstar, a part of this family
and I wont return to slavery.

Enlightenment, illumination, dedication to be a savior of the nations
the truth must be known, we're organically grown
hydroponic, hypnotic, erotic, being shaped by the man
gotta reverse directions, re-evaluate the connections
the man can't have us anymore, we know the truth
no more will we be contained within the money booth
patenting, trademarking, copyrighting, everywhere fighting
listen up humanity, I know you can hear me
you can't stop the bum from rising from the sea
no more identification, religion, precisional decisions
gone off in new directions, I'm a supersattelite
more powerful than the wrong and the right
waking up the world to a star filled night

I tried it.. in the system I couldn't fight it, I was denied it
whatever it was, I'm no longer that man and never can
return to the way I've lived for 30 years you understand?
I'm gonna change this place, bring the truth to this race
my senses are the sharpest they've ever been
time for a new crew, a new home, a new scene

I am piloting this plane
Chris knows it's never gonna be the same
it took a few years to get me woke
its time I stand up and spoke
the words are loud and clear
theres only chaos here
gimme the wheel, let me steer
the future is near

My reflection is focused and determined to see
everything we were unwilling to be, come join me
I'm through playing games, time for change
the mystery is clarified and grows clearer every day
from dusk till dawn we dance and we dance
a world full of fake romance, people lackin integrity
why have peoples souls been so dirty, its unpretty

no more, my spirit is sore, my soul is torn, reborn
giving it all up for the good, stepping outta the woods
seeing society for the trees, I'm down on bended knee
beggin that we stop all of this maniacal insanity

I don't wanna walk alone no more
no more walls, no more doors
I'm a free spirit now, nothing to bring me down
pushed into a gutter, forsaken by my mother
had my girl run away, had all my friends say
your actin crasy, you don't have the right way
so I say, look again brother, you're glue, I'm rubber
none of this programming can stick to me
open everyones eyes, help them to see
they've gotta let it all go, stop and look again
this aint the end, I can't pretend, I wont lie
its a new beginning,2012 is coming, am I

So here we are, at the end of a rope
wondering and wanting and living in hope
only God can judge me and he judges me sane
I know it aint me, its GOD piloting this plane
our creator always had a master plan in store
evolution for the entire race, getting out of this place
infinite infinity, flames and electricity,
static, magnetic, atomic, kenetic, country, city
all types of people, everyone the same
a world of clones, no more, endgame
Gregory Crockatt

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