(t - Baba Amte - 2008) Baba Amte’s Creative Humanism Poem by Kannan G

(t - Baba Amte - 2008) Baba Amte’s Creative Humanism

Rating: 3.1

Gandhi, Marx, Krishna and Christ
Made impressions deep on his mind –
A blend of thoughts, inspiring all
This stunning soul could simply find!

This mature mind when craved for peace
And blessed by rains of compassion
An empathy new sprouted there
It grew into his life’s mission!

And thus was born this humaneness!
And thus was born this vision great!
It embraced not isms any;
Was dynamic and passionate!

No policies extreme it held –
With changing times it changing kept!
For well-being of those in need
With selfless acts it forward leapt!

If fingers eight were lost, it still
Saw what the two that stayed could do –
In dealing with disabled ones
The use of will and help it knew!

It never made distinctions rule –
Self-respect it infused in all!
Empowered it the weak so much
That they now wake to others’ call!

It makes one know one’s neighbours’ woe!
It makes one care all sincerely!
It makes one sweat with sweetness true –
It makes one labour selflessly!

It exhorts all to light one’s ways
With love and joy and peace always!
Ideas, ideals, vision, mission –
It gives them all a human face!

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