Carla Kitts

Rookie (April,5th 1996 / Pasco, Washington)

Tammi And Billy - Poem by Carla Kitts

long hair, the color brown
with bikes made to ride low to the ground
he walked real cool
when he was in high school

she was blue eyed and pretty
sarcastic and witty
with curves to spare
and long blonde hair

her Daddy said no
but Daddy's little girl didn't listen and gave the half Cherokee a go
they went to the same church and school
both thought like a fool

they partied, no one knows how much
his dad beat him, but escape he found in her warm touch
she had trouble at home too, sad but true
and foundcomfort in his arms too

one night they got drunch and we're most likely high
this story is true, it isnt a lie
she was a virgin, not sure about him, but they went all they way
thats when things got messy, on the night of that day

she found out she was pregnant, oh what a scare
see Tammi and Billy weren't really a good pair
he was jealous and longed for contol
they weren't destined to be two halfs of a whole

she didn't know what to do
nor did she want to see the pregnancy through
but times were different back then
abortion wasn't legal or okay, or an abortion there would have been

the time came, the baby was coming
through the hospital walls the nurses and doctors were running
Billy and Tammi had broken up a couple weeks before
so Tammi told them to keep him out of the room and away from the door

a little girl was born, so tiny and small
the name Carla they would call
she looked just like her young Dad
but Tammi hadn't wanted a little lass, she had wanted a little lad

time went by and Tammi had her family to help take care of the little baby
but Tammi wasn't ready to be a mother and that was no maybe
she just wanted to party and not care of the small sickly thing
but when she was sober to her baby she'd sing:

'Hush, little baby, don't say a word,
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird.

If that mockingbird don't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

If that diamond ring turns to brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass.

If that looking glass gets broke,
Mama's gonna buy you a billy-goat.

If that billy-goat won't pull,
Mama's gonna buy you a cart and bull.

If that cart and bull turn over,
Mama's gonna buy you a dog named Rover.

If that dog named Rover won't bark,
Mama's gonna buy you a horse and cart.

If that horse and cart falls down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town.'

though Tammi and Billy tried there best
the evil in this world wouldn't give these young parrents a rest
they had a son
and that was when the story of Tammi and Billy were done

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