Technology Rules Poem by Sylvia Chidi

Technology Rules

Hey you fool
Technology rules
I bought a jacket made of leather
As if I would live plausibly forever
So my proud smile is splashing
In the skies planes are crashing
In the cities knives are flashing
In the office tongues are lashing
Global pollution is caused by senseless trashing

When I read the papers I see death
Death is staring me like a black vulture
While I watch the death of a thousand cultures
Everywhere young ones are unevenly nurtured
Technology and not humans determine our future

Hey you, this is cool
Technology rules
Stock markets in the world are crashing
Politicians everywhere are bashing
Crooks are always trying to make a stashing
Ocean waves are forever flooding and splashing

Hey, look at this tool
Technology rules
Personal details on websites are caching
My teeth are jittery and constantly gnashing
Poorly built high-rise buildings are squashing and mashing
The blood of human generations is persistently gashing

This is new school
Technology, Technology rules!
Culture and tradition is dead
Everything is technology fed!

Copyright 2019 Sylvia Lovina Chidi

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