Tell Me What's Real Poem by Jack Worthington

Tell Me What's Real

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Tell me what's real, I need to know
For what purpose I don't know, perhaps to grow, but who knows
I remember that town, an arid place, where only people grow
That valley, where the sun in all its glory shows, so acidic on the soul

Yet even light can come with pain, especially without rain
That place so hard on tender eyes
In my dreams I still see that terrain, that hardened, dead end street that no man claimed
Yet I survived, through God's grace, and all despite so many lies

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: desert
Ritty Patnaik 15 January 2010

everything is real as we find them in front of us, but unreal in the real sense we are in cosmic illusion.take out the shroud of ego from soul, and you will stumble into the real you.god bless you, for this lovely poem. ritty

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Shirley Hanley 18 December 2009

I would love to know the back story on this one. And who knows what's real anymore... this world has turned upside down, due in part to the lies of the politicians and lobbiest who have been grabbing with both self-serving hands for as long as they've been around. It sadden's the soul.

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Jack Worthington

Jack Worthington

Yuma, Arizona, U.S.A.
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