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a girl child,
begging in the rain,
thinks of herself
as a princess

night is a un explained song,
when my dreams let me
venture out and cross
the darkened borders.

a dot of affection,
is like a wave
in the heart!

labour of innocense
sweat and tears,
in unknown home,
a hotel boy, a farm hand,

i wonder,
what is to become of me,
a insecure dot,

of a moment of joy
in the mind, can remain
as a epitome of happiness

how can i explain the silence
written in the sky,
is the poetry of your eyes..
words cannot be held,

the ice plant,
slowly unfolds
with the first morning rays.
myraid shades of pink,

a poem
born from emotion,
bred by passion
mastered by knowledge

in hours of darkness,
your thoughts shined,
like bright stars, illumining,
my very being.

a prisoner
of my own wish,
for loneliness.
my soul seperates

breaks like a glass.
even relationships breaks


a soft silken voice,
i hear at night.
venturing out, to see

i am
a shell
at the sea shore,
pick me up,

a million flowers bloom
without reserve,
there is a smile,
which touches the sun,

a scenario,
a perfect beginning,
to endless.
from matter to life.

this body is the home,
of a gypsy mind
this mind is always alone.!
it's home, under the blue sky,

accept all,
that life gives
in playfull mood.
sign on its tears,

grave faces,
in the graveyard
of death.
gnawing the core

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I am RittyPatnaik, married for thirty five years to a ex fighter pilot of I.A.F.iI have a son and daughter, both happily married and settled. about me my world revolves round my family....love my family and everything else is an extension of it! spirituality, in nature inspires me to write few words, about what i see and feel in my daily life.love to read poems, and sometimes venture to write few words.i have a diary of happiness, in which i write about every fleeting moment of joy i can capture! I am a painter of flowers and garden.cooking and needle work is also my hobby.mypassion for poetry dominates all! love music too, from western classics, to our very own gazals...the mood swings! a whole day is just not enough for me! i hope to finish all ihave planned in this life time!)

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A Child Beggar

a girl child,
begging in the rain,
thinks of herself
as a princess
when fast asleep,
in her dreams.

young eyes,
speak of,
shadow of time,
yet has seen,
the ego of clouds,
, into her
dishevelled hair.

she has seen,
the forest fire in the jungle,
and also seen,
the lost youth of flowers,
taken by hungry bees,

the back bone
mountains, .are
silent in words
while on the otherside
very far away,
the sea makes i
its presence felt.

her hair suddenly,
touched my face,
and saddened my heart,
filling my heart with
commotion of feelings
for her.

then i realised
forever, i will
be a stranger,
and searching for her
in myself.

on the mountains
the cloud covered all.
her soul was dancing alone
and also her innocense!
making myself ask,
why her? ?

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Pradeep Das 28 August 2012

Great poems...Ritty you are truly a multi talented artist: poetry, paintings, gardening....

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She has magic in her heart, in her soul, in her eyes, in her love for all The touch of her words showering happiness In the inner most being of the animate and inanimate She is God's special child, his light

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