Temporary Visit Poem by Ghazala Lari

Temporary Visit

I'm but a mortal

A temporary life on earth

Living and surviving

I'm but a woman

In a big bad man's world

From father to brother, husband to son

I'm but a believer

Chased after by evil one's

Being pulled in a hell circle

I'm but what I wanted to be

Peaceful, tranquil soul to see

Living in obedience eternally

I'm but a temporary being

Packed my bags

Ready to leave

I'm but contentment

Having bare minimum

Life of limitations

I'm but tired

No more battles nor quarrels

You can have your way forever

Explanation of the above poem

As a mortal, I find solace in the fleeting moments of beauty and joy that life offers, despite its inevitable impermanence. As a woman, I embrace my strength and resilience, forging my own path through the sometimes harsh terrain of the world around me. I am a believer, not in any specific deity or doctrine, but in the power of love, compassion, and understanding to bring light into the darkness.

I am also acutely aware of the suffering and injustice that persist in this world, and I strive to use my limited time here to make a positive difference, however small. My journey is not without its challenges, but I choose to focus on the progress I have made and the progress yet to come.

Ultimately, I find contentment in the knowledge that my existence, however temporary, has mattered and will continue to matter long after I am gone. My bags are packed, but I am not ready to leave just yet. There is still so much to experience, to learn, and to share with those around me.

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