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Thank God For God - Poem by Arthur Knackmus

The time of the end of the world as we know
Is only known by our Father in Heaven above.
You see there is a fallen angel named Satan below,
That mans evil spirit is the cause of loss of love,
here and above.

We have to read Revelation.
That book even reveals the fate of our nation.
Every ones fate depends upon Gods plan,
to save the race of man.

So if you can
Read and reread the plan
Revealed to Brother John our man
Gods case
of free Grace.

The war in Heaven caused the fall of the angels
Satan is the leader of these fallen angels
God Almighty gave eternal punishment
as final judgment.
But to us humans has offered atonement

This means no free grace to the fallen ones.
Unforgiven because they were the cause.

So Michael, kiched Lucifer and one third of the stars
from heaven to earth

These angels that fell to Hell called earth.
Knew well they deserved Hell.

The Michael I mentioned here does not mean the angel Michael.
It is meant to be Jesus
Who said He would not leave us.

Lucifer was the greatest and most perfect angel created
Now he will always be hated.

His name meant opposite of night.
Thats light.

When Lucifer was created, he was perfect in beauty.
and a signet of perfection.
This lead to his defection.

To tell about the former greatest archangel.
Is to say he is the devil, so we need protection.

This world on earth is Hell to me
A synonym for earth is Hell for me to see.

This world needs protection
with Divine direction.
Saving us from the man of perdition
Some can't see.

The good angels that did not sin within.
Now being called the Elect.
Are the ones God left to protect.

Jesus could have destroyed sin
before it ever began.
He wouldn't even destroy the ones who sinned
time after time again and again.

Total annihilation would make the Elect live in constant fear,
year after year.

Through out time, the fear of more sin, within
Would be a constant reminder of an angel who had been.

God promises in due time there will be war no more.
He will settle the score

does any of this make sense to you?
Or is it all taboo to you?

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