Saurabh Saxena

That Sweet Independence Day! ! - Poem by Saurabh Saxena

Sweet were those days,
I wish they cud stay
Those wonderful days after,
that sweet Independence day!

When she was the center
of the circle that I was
When she was the touch,
of that gifted king Midas
When she shone through my heart,
like a dazzling light divine
And when her breath was no less,
than an intoxicating vintage wine!
In those few days,
that now seem like eternity
Life was ethereal,
each moment an ecstasy
And I was like a river,
Waiting to meet the sea
Ready to offer everything I had,
selflessly unto thee!

Curled up in our blankets,
our SMSes short and sweet
Sometimes we discussed,
the odds that we had to beat
But mostly we shared fantasies,
in words candidly indiscreet
And then a shower of kisses,
racing through the air
Covering miles and furlong,
burdened with the secret of our affair
Would reach their destination,
simultaneously at both ends
And such would be their fire,
the intensity in their intent
It would leave no doubt,
that our love was Godsend!

So frequent were those visits,
those change of plans
I still recall those moments,
with mirth and elan
When she would finalize,
the names of our future kids
And I would draw honeymoon plans,
With all the naughtiness they hid
But even my best efforts,
wudn't satisfy her my dear
And when she would modify them,
with things so weirdly queer
I wud just stare and marvel,
at her brilliant sanguine flair!

All her decisions,
the pushes and the thrust
That lead our relation
Towards rot and rust
I now understand fully
Were necessary and just
To follow the wishes of those
who gave her birth, and
brought her up from petty dust
To command their utmost trust
is to me an absolute must!

Still what is love,
without quarrels a few
The rose looks lovelier,
with a few drops of dew
But when that dew is replaced,
by a downpour of hail
It leaves the rose,
dull, insipid and flail
So I am sorry my love,
for those times I made you cry
Without you my Rose,
my garden seems so dry
Now With you gone,
each moment I die
This pain will only leave,
once I let my soul fly!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

For those who want to know the story behind the reference to the Independence day...that was when I first met my soulmate..on 15 august- the Indian Independence day. We had to separate to honour her family's wishes and things cudn't work out...yet she lives in my heart eternally!

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