Kenny Alvarez

Panama City, Panama
Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Adage Of Lost Love

It has long been said
For as long as it has been read
That it is better to have loved and lost
Than to have never loved at all,
But to him who first this told
Let me let a story to you unfold,
A tale of love, lust, lost, and sorrow
A tale that stings mankind yesterday, today and tomorrow
There is a man by the name of Sincerity
Who cared for all with such brevity
That his love gave much cause for his fame
But his brevity never kept him from being true to his name
He saw every friend as coming from above
Now this man is being broken by his love

You see it all started when he was just a kid
Already to his first love his mind has slid
She is a beautiful girl by the name of Torment
If only he had known she would cause his lament
As he drew near to what he thought was her love
He never saw the blow that he was most afraid of
Alas, she was stolen by a man who was his brother
Or rather she went willingly to her alternative other
All Sincerity had were the pieces of a shattered heart then
Pieces so small he could fit each through the head of a pin and
Though the pain was so great and the destruction absolute
He refused to forsake his name for character has no substitute
And so great was his love for them that he let them go
Rather then kill them with his self-serving fatal blow

The next stop on his life’s journeying
Was at a fair girl named Mourning
Though she filled him with life, joy, and glee
Afraid to feel what he was, hesitated but a moment he
And on the dawn of his hesitation was his fear realized
For in hesitation his heart found pain that paralyzed
Then was the moment that he understood her name
He was doomed to weep the very second she came
The pain of his mistakes have thus cost him twice around
For with her, his same brother was found
He knows he must from his past soon learn
So he carves into flesh, a reminder of loves burn
It has proved an unstable, searing heat
Maybe now he will stick to things that are more concrete

Countless others were lost to his fears
Of the burning emotion that sears
The simple suggestion of love to him is cruel
His passion now is in escaping emotions fuel
In lust there is no feeling
And is therefore more appealing
To a man who has had far too much
And wishes for none, only the touch
So to his lust he does finally succumb
And has achieved what he wished and is numb
His name he now changes to fit who he is
Languish be the name he claims is his
All with whom he use to associate are to him estranged
Except his brother who has such things for him arranged

So tell me now wise man of lost love’s adages
Tell dear Sincerity it is better that he receive the bandages
That are conjured only by loves betrayal
Then to never have tried to prevail
In the illusion that is mans downfall,
That suffers no man from its call
Tell him that his soul rent in twain
And his many tears that fall harder than the rain
Were kinder still then the peace that is supplied
By those who would not live so they could not die
If stand by your words you still do
Then he will call you a fool
Save your words and let push come to shove
For I know that only pain comes from falling in love!
Kenny Alvarez

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