Sadia Maqsood

'The Ants And The Grasshopper' - Poem by Sadia Maqsood

You must have heard this famous fable,
Of the ants and the grasshopper;
Let's now see how it happened,
When some toiling ants and a lazy grasshopper,
In autumn chanced to meet each other;
Late in autumn on a bright day,
A family of ants marched on a heap of hay,
The warm sun shone above their heads,
A sheaf of grains they carried on their backs,
The ants were busy drying out the grain,
Which during summer they had stored;
The busy swarm suddenly saw a stranger,
Coming towards them, with under his arm, a fiddle,
This lazy looking fellow was a Grasshopper,
Who had been lazing the whole summer,
"Good day! " said he to the ants,
"Why are you here? " asked Jenny the ant,
"O please Ms. Jenny, may I have a bite to eat?
For I'm famished and want to have a treat, "
"What! " in surprise exclaimed the ants,
"Have you not stored any food for winter?
What in the world were you doing last summer? "
The silly fellow then bent his head,
So ashamed and stupid was he,
"Oh! " sighed the fellow at last
"How in the world could I store food?
When I was so busy making music, but it was no good",
Whined the foolish Grasshopper,
"Around the world I had been travelling,
Playing my fiddle from morning to evening,
But when I realized it was too late,
Summer was gone and I cursed my fate."
The silly fellow ended his story,
And again begged for some food humbly,
"Making music, were you, Mr. Greg? "
Cried in disgust the ants,
"Fiddling all summer, now dance! "
And with grains on their backs, away the ants marched
And the silly Grasshopper walked away,
With his fiddle under his arms

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Poem Submitted: Friday, July 6, 2012

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