Dimitri Jagodinski

The Ants And The Snake. Why Democracy Is Needed - Poem by Dimitri Jagodinski

A little black ant was scouting a path
He was looking for food to feed his colony.
While he was hunting the ant came across a large snake sleeping
The snake awoke and saw the ant curiously staring at him
'What do you want? ' the snake asked
'Oh noble snake who rules over this land', The ant began, 'Please share some of your food with my colony. We are starving and you have left us little to harvest after we pay our homage to you.'
'why should I care about your needs? I am the King.' the snake responded.
'You are my servants. I offer you protection and life.'
The ant fearful that he may anger the snake and lose his life started to turn away.
He started talking to himself as he was walking, ' What can I do? I am nothing but a little ant. The snake has all the power and enforces his will on all that live in his kingdom.' ' He would surely kill me if I stand up to him and demand he help his subjects.'
As he continued a red ant scavenging for food crossed his path.
Black ants and red ants are natural enemies and have had countless of bloody battles throughout their history. Always fighting for what little food was left after paying homage to the snake.
They looked at each other with caution. Then the red ant says' I see you are looking for food the same as I. Both our colonies are dying from starvation and sickness. I am too tired to fight you anymore.'
The black ant was surprised by the statement of the red ant.
The black ant responds' I am also tired and we should stop battling each other but unify together and with our numbers we can over take the snake king and create a new kingdom of peace and prosperity for our families.'
So the to ants went back to their colonies.
They held a meeting with their leaders.
The red ants elders were skeptical at first not trusting the black ants and the same response was being impressed upon in the black ant colony.
But both colonies thought it was for the best because all the deaths from starvation and illness was taking its toll.
The ants formed an alliance and sent their armies to dethrone the snake king.
While the snake was sleeping they charged him and assassinated him.
Both families fed for days from the flesh of the snake.
Parties and gluttony continued for weeks. It seemed there was finally peace.
And when the food ran out and there was no free government created by the colonies to enforced the laws.
The black ants king was greedy and thought he should rule over all. So thought the red ant king. The kings began to fight and bicker with each other and created a new war between the colonies. Death and destruction began again between the two colonies until no one survived and all the resources destroyed.

Topic(s) of this poem: political

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  • Eugene Levich (4/21/2014 8:25:00 AM)

    Good poem, , , and good thinking as well! (Report) Reply

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