The Armchair Of Inevitability

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Sometimes it used to get me like that:
Hung me up,
Wrung me out,
Seemed to stop me doing what I knew I should
For some reasonably unconscionable reason
With just about enough momentary validity
To be sufficiently attractive to me,
And send me sheering off tangentially
In search of that which shouldn't be.
Then I'd sink (not entirely unwillingly)
Into an armchair of inevitability
Clawing at me,
Clutching at me,
Sucking me slowly and steadily
Toward a comfortable, mild insanity
In which I'd be short of salvation by phone or pen,
But no longer caring much, by then.

Fay Slimm 06 December 2008

Ah this is really amusing Tony but with a serious message at heart - - glad your first line begins - 'sometimes it used to get me ' - -using the past tense puts us more into the picture. You are no doubt as much of a fighter of the 'mild insanity' that comes with too much comfort as I am -! ! - - another great piece..... warmest from Fay

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Kevin Wells 02 December 2008

As usual, some of the most profound pieces get missed because if it's not Humpty Dumpty, people can't be bothered with it. This should have major comments about it but it appears to be being passed over. It demands a second look...and then a third. At first, it may seem flippant but after subsequent readings, there really is much more here than meets the eye. I guess it depends on the beholder!

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