Taylor Coleman


I wrought you out of black flak
From the depths of social depressions
I broke the purple veil in your heart
And shot your fictitious desires with a flame
By candlelight, by knees bent and a head bowed
I breathed into you life
And slept silently in your dreams
Subjecting you to thrive soundly under
A rhinestone gem
Of the sky

I prayed not to the moon
But a creator of which both hover
Deeming dreams are to manifest
My shallow soul
I gave life to objects dead
Invented morality and a social order
That went as far as one
Can raise his hand up in the darkness
In protest

Can you see him
His passion burning
To command justice
Slivers of white gold reign down on you
My city of damnation
I built you up from wreckage and war
Gave you a name
You clutch and give respect to nothing
Buried under the masses
You say religion never exists
Only non-consensus reality
And so I show you your flaws
In every broken mirror
Stained glass church window
In every puddle or stream
From the ocean's depths
I echo out your calling
And you seek to claim it
You cling lifelessly

Of concrete and asphalt
Of which no impressions can be made
I let you search for the sun
Beg for the light
For a plant to grow
To give nutrition to the mind
In the cracks where a worldly heart
Can no longer weep in remorse
I break away from your mistakes
From your laws and in deism

I leave you with but
The things you've invented
Your wings to take flight
To ensure a so-called
So very much hoped for
Productive society
I look up to the rhinestone moon
Willingly nature's way
Shall force a change to come soon

Poem Submitted: Friday, October 15, 2010

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