The Balanced Scale Poem by . misty

The Balanced Scale

Yes, you remind me of a feather;
Intricately constructed.
Each barb securing a tether.
All thoughts combusted
You know, your energy changes the weather;
I notice how Earth speaks to you, as if instructed.

I admire the lens you see this universe through.
Topics of passion generate newly formed slits.
Reflections I cannot view.
A missing puzzle piece that fits.
With you, grey turns blue.
Love to look at your lips.

Enchanted by your presence.
In awe with your eyes;
A type of carmel essence.
At times they look like a cloudless summer sky
Other times, they embody the curious greenery budding in my imaginary pleasance.
Their color will always be a surprise.

You're as pretty as the moon
I've never met someone who feels like the trees
Go to the forest with you and toss away my keys
We'd dance in the rain at noon
Barefoot on rocks; connected; in harmony with the breeze.
Dancing between emerald leaves, dip in sun-lit pools of grass to stay in tune.

You are a feather balancing the scale.
I wonder why you don't you give yourself enough credit.
Your mind is the most fascinating trail.
Nothing to edit.
With grace you move, I stare in admiration of a male

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