The Ballad Of Anne Bonny, Page 1 Of 2

“Drain the bowl, each fearless soul!
Let the world wag as it will;
Let the heavens howl, the devil growl,
Drain the bowl, and fill! ”
- Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was a pirate lass
Who sailed the deep blue sea;
With pistol mean and cutlass keen,
A fighting girl was she.

Calico Jack was her lover true,
As they sailed the Spanish Main;
They took whate’er they fancied there;
They were the merchant’s bane.

When a merchant galleon they would spy,
They’d chase her down the tide;
As the cannons’ roared, they’d try to board;
The grappling hooks flew wide.

Leading the boarding party, bold,
Dressed as a man, to sight,
First to board with her deadly sword,
Anne Bonny loved the fight!

One day Anne learned that she
Was going to have a child;
She went ashore until she bore
A daughter, sweet and mild.

But the girl was born before her time,
And did not live the day;
Calico Jack, when he came back,
Looked on Anne with dismay.

Arrested by the Governor,
Anne Bonny she was freed
By a bold corsair with flowing hair,
Fellow pirate, Mary Read.

With Mary Read and Calico Jack,
Anne Bonny did terrorize
The merchant fleet where’er they’d meet,
As they took prize after prize.

One day when the men of the crew all slept,
After drinking away their cares,
The Governor’s men attacked them then,
And took them unawares.