The Bird And The Man Poem by Mohabeer Beeharry

The Bird And The Man

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Tired of chasing each other, a bird and a man settled down to a conciliatory conversation:
I have two wings, said the bird.
I have two arms, replied the man.
I can fly to the top of this tree, easily.
So can I.
You cannot fly!
You cannot climb!
Yes, of course. We are quit.
No, said the man. You cannot swim in that river!
True again, the bird replied, mortified,
An awkward silence followed
Well then I win, said the man, I am better than you!
The bird, fidgety, thinking as hard as he could.
No, he replied, coming back with determination.
How is that? asked the man, surprised.
Can you fly up there? Indicating the open sky.
No, replied the man, feeling cornered.
The bird continued, patient but determined.
You are very proud of your ability to swim, eh?
Certainly! the man interjected. Try it!
I don't need to, said the bird. I know I can’t!
So, tell me for how long can you remain under the water?
The man retreated into another uneasy silence.
No more than a second or two, yea? I can stay for hours up there, the bird continued. As long as I like.
I can dive into the water too for fish! Can you do this?
God has made me stronger! He loves me more!
Said the man, a wee bit hostile.
Love, my friend? retorted the bird.
If you had it, it won't be long before you lose it!
Love is pure. Love is smooth. Love is edifying.
At the call of love, the moon shines and the sun rises,
the breeze blows and the brooks run
the rivers are filled with life-giving water;
trees bloom and life blossoms.
Love has neither beginning nor end;
neither religion nor colour. Love is giving, sharing, expecting nothing in return.
But you are always at each others’ throats,
You have turned this place into a killing field.
Hungry for power! Is this what you call love?
And the bird added,
You said God loves you more. He does, I am sure!
That's why you are endowed with so many extraordinary gifts.
But think of how you are misusing them!
Besides what have you done for him, eh?
You are driving him not only from this place,
But also from your heart, his last resort.
Defiling and ransacking his place of rest?
Turning his holy places into rented apartments,
And grounds for unholy conspiracies
A last pitch from the man
I have got more brain than you, see?
Brain? asked the bird. But to what use have you put it?
Your history books run with blood, murders, jealousy
and conspiracy, but you are still not learning!
You have raised great edifications and filled them with tinsels of pride and greed
Still I admit you have made things a lot better for many.
But have you not destroyed the homes of many like me?
And made the weather warmer, causing floods and devastations?
The man gritted his teeth.
Yes, for self preservation!
No, for selfishness!
The path you are taking to preserve yourself is leading you to self destruction, can’t you see?
What about us, the ungifted, who live our lives
precariously dangling at the tops of trees,
Facing storms and fires?
Who roam parched deserts for a drop of water?
Who year after year, are forced to watch our feeding grounds turned into tinders and wild fires?
Even in the jungle, our rightful heritage,
We are not safe from you!
You catch us and stick us in the zoo for your pleasure.
You are thrown in prison for committing crimes and find it unbearable for being cooped up between dumb walls;
Have you ever thought how painful it is for us?
And yet, we committed no crime against you.
Are you accusing me of being heartless?
And the chase began again.
I can shoot you with a gun! The man threatened the bird.
I can destroy you with an arrow!
There you go again!
Said the bird, immensely sad.
Is this being intelligent, eh?
Is this love?
Then, in a voice heavy with emotion, added
I wouldn’t want to do this to you!
I wouldn’t want to shoot you with a gun,
Nor aim an arrow at you!
We are both important to this place. I am no better than you,
nor you than me.
He who made us intended us to compliment each other, see?
You can't replace me and I cannot replace you.
We are both fitted with the things important for the conditions we live in.
God gave you more love and intelligence in order to protect
those who are weak and helpless.
But you are not only destroying what he gave you,
but you are destroying yourself.
Go on, one day there will be nothing nor anyone left to talk about,
Neither me nor you.
We’ll be merely a torn page from the history book of time.

Dr Antony Theodore 08 October 2019

I have two wings, said the bird. I have two arms, replied the man. I can fly to the top of this tree, easily. So can I. You cannot fly! . a fine and beautiful poem with truths that give us joy and make us to think. tony

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