Mohabeer Beeharry Poems

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I Celebrate

I celebrate the cosmos with its infinite
Multitude of suns, moons, stars and planets.
I celebrate the lovely and exuberant world
With its blue sky, and oceans,

He Is Happy Who Waits

Let me be happy today.
I will let nothing hinder me.
Neither the laugh of the gale in the casuarinas
Nor the running riots of sunset crazy colour blend,

He Was Born Free

He was born free a long time ago
When his mind and body were young.
He loved the village lanes
And the busy market towns.

The Flower Of Your Heart

I brought a flower to him.
The wise old man shook his head.
Child, he said
I made the trees and the flowers;

A Place For You To Rest

I cannot stop cursing myself
For not giving you
A better place
To rest your head

A Touch Of Light

Let us for a moment
Dare to hold our books to our hearts,
Invoking some sincerity.
Their wisdom is timeless

Which Side Of The Mirror?

I wonder what game we are playing with life.
I am one
And life is another.
Life does not end, at any time

The Song Of The Mystic Song Bird

It sings.

Night and day


Who knows what truth is?
Do you?
Do I know?
I don't.

Dream Is Only Dream

At the top of a tree
There was the last fruit,
And it was rosy, luscious and tempting.
I watched the tree,

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