Raj Arumugam

The Bird In The Grove Sings For The Wanderer - Poem by Raj Arumugam

The Wanderer comes in to the grove. The Wanderer hears the bird sing. The Wanderer sits on the ground and listens to the bird as it sings.

‘That is beautiful, ’ says the Wanderer.

The bird comes down from its branch and sits beside the Wanderer and sways its tail left and right and sings another tune.

‘That is beautiful, ’ says the Wanderer. ‘I must go now, gentle creature of the bamboo grove. And tell me, dear friend – what can I bring you for your lovely songs the next time I pass here?

And the bird sways its green tail of three feathers and it sings to the Wanderer:

the breeze brushes past
and the pool cools
me in my days;
the moon keeps me company
and the flowers dance with me;
the clouds linger long
to listen to my song;
O dearest wanderer,
what else could I ask for?

‘That is marvelous, ’ says the Wanderer. ‘That is so. I must continue on my wanderings and so I must leave now. I shall see you again, gentle being of the bamboo grove.’

The bird flies up to its branch and the Wanderer hears the happy bird singing to itself behind in the grove…

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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