A Comedy Of Errors Poem by Raj Arumugam

A Comedy Of Errors

Rating: 5.0

ambition and becoming
and plans and aspirations
and ideals and holy-book dreams
and yearning for one after another:
then the wind blows through our fleshless skulls
in a Dali-Goya landscape


very powerful and nice... Krista

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James Mclain 24 November 2008

This was ome great piece man?

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 03 January 2009

nicely put a matured thought. you may read my The concept of the soul

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Ruth Walters 18 April 2009

I stopped to dwell on this one, it made me think, especially the last line. Ruthy

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Surya . 14 May 2009

great imagination.nice poem posted 10 surya

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m, jhoho 03 October 2018

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there is a poet in me! 25 August 2009

very well written......

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like never ending we go on...well written

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Duh Huh 13 June 2009

A very appropriate title for your poem, ambition and becoming, plans and aspirations not the same thing, especially if we strive for one and accomplish the other, a comedy of errors indeed. Thank you for sharing :)

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James Mclain 28 May 2009

and dream the dream of Picasso married to Dali...iip

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