The Birth (Spiritual) Poem by Shirley Anne Alexander

The Birth (Spiritual)

Three wise kings, noble and fine,
once traveled together through the night,
tired and weary but faithful still;
they would witness a prophecy fulfilled.

By the order of angels they traveled far,
always following the bright eastern star;
seeking a promise made to all men,
of a new King born in Bethlehem.

A Savior he was promised to be,
to all the world for eternity;
the Lord of heaven was coming to earth,
and a virgin mother would give Him birth.

When the kings arrived in Bethlehem
the hour was late, the lights were dim,
except for one, and its radiance flowed
throughout the night with a golden glow.

The great eastern star was shining down
on a simple stable at the edge of town.
And following it, the three kings saw
a sight which filled their hearts with awe

Shepherds and animals and angels were kneeled
by the door of the stable, which was filled
with a glow which came from a new babe's face,
and made glorious that simple place.

Solemnly, with gifts they brought,
the three walked toward the One they sought;
and the great kings kneeled, to show they knew
a promise from heaven had been kept true.

There in a manger, on a bed of hay,
lay the Hope of man, the Light, the Way.
And, throughout the world, the night was ablaze
with the voices of angels singing His praise.

On the face of each sleeping child
was placed the promise of a smile.
And the hearts of all good men were filled
with a love for giving, peace, and goodwill.

So, to this time we keep the date,
to send our gifts and celebrate.
We sing of joy for someday when,
the Bethlehem child will come again.


Shirley Anne Alexander

Shirley Anne Alexander

Somewhere under heaven, Georgia, USA
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