Shirley Anne Alexander Poems

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Something From The Woman I Left Behind

the seventh anniversary of our marriage
we spent the night in a van,
on top of Brasstown Bald mountain.

Tricking The Reaper

The land has many spirits.
They see us; they know us,
better than we know ourselves.

More Than She Knew

She sits by a bright, bare window
in a chair that has seen too much wet.
She is picking on days in her past,
fingers digging nervously into scalp.

Character Structure

In winter, bones of this land are laid bare,
exposed to drying wind and white blind of frost.
Cosmetic camouflage of kinder seasons are gone.
In winter, we see the strength of framework behind green.

Here In The Life Of An Unknown Poet

I am not the woman people envy
in her confident, got-it-all-together stride.
I am not that person who is called to offer prayer
in a gathering of Christians.

My Position

He said I sleep like an unborn child, naked,
with knees drawn to belly, hands clasped
palm to palm, and held tightly together
by thighs clasped tightly together, by instinct.

Sometimes, Life Gives You Lemons

I remember Easter dresses. Folds of pastel cotton.
Embroidery. Lace edges. Starched bow sashes.
Scent of sunlight and my mother's lemon sachet.
But, I am a quiet blue jeans grandmother,


He wrote a simple poem, the kind best read alone;
no pretences, or awkward dictionary interruptions.

But, one line went around in an intriguing way.

But, I'M Still Hoping

My Windstream Official Telephone Directory
contains no listing for Soul Mate,
business or residential.

Ghost Of A Blue World

Ghost Of A Blue World

I dreamed I was flying

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