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The Birthday Of An Hero - Poem by RUFAI YUSUF

Great day comes around as usual
On this special day, I was awaken by the
Screeching sound of the bats and the
Grunting sound of the alligators.
I opened my eyes and I looked around
I saw that the birds were singing.

It was then I got myself thinking
I started imagining what was going on
I asked myself ‘why all these sounds? '
While asking myself this question, I heard another sound,
What was the sound?
Firstly, it was the humming sound of the bees
Secondly, I heard the eagle screaming
Followed by the clucking sound of the chicken.

It was then I noticed that today is a special day
Somebody is being celebrated by these sounds I've been hearing
I know today marked the day a hero was born
I know today is a special day
Today is a great man's birthday
I know the usual day has come around.

Happy Birthday sir, Maolana Sheik Ibraheem Akodu

He is a father
He is a mentor
He is a role model
He is a man that commends success
He is a man that looks upon life as an adventure
He is a man that always eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak
He is the accomplishment of what most people think cannot be accomplished
He is a problem solver
He is a father and mother to the orphans
He is the greatest among the greats
He is a man that doesn't support impatience
He is a man of talent
He is a man of success
His encouraging words are catalyst for the execution of good plans
In fact! To crown it all, he is a confidant.

with the pen of RUFAI YUSUF SINAAYO.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem was being proponded by RUFAI YUSUF SINAAYO for my sheik IBRAHIM AKODU when he was cellebrating his birthday on the 11th of November 2011.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 31, 2012

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