The Bridge Poem by dy.sin the writer

The Bridge

you would think
that if we didn't sink
after finding a million and one
untraditional ways to cross a river
that a burning bridge
would mean nothing at all

that if we had doggy paddled
our way across the mississippi
in the heat of july
and tubed our way
across the colorado in the fall
that nothing
big or small
would keep us from crossing over
anything and everything

and i would then always have you
and you would always have me
and everyone could see
that we were infinitely bonded together like we
like the holy trinity
like God, His son and the Holy Ghosts
we would be separate entities
but one

and that ideology
was good enough for me
didn't matter than when i spoke left
you spoke right
and when you looked around
i looked uptight
because i was confident
that there would be no separating us
regardless of what wrong took flight
for all things
we don't breathe air into
settle in the night

of course, this was my thinking
while you, however, thought to build a bridge
created it to divide us
claim it was built with all the hatred hidden inside us
or rather our difference of opinion
that somehow transitioned into the question

like you haven't known me for years
like we haven't broke bread with our last dime
and traded shoulders to hold tears
like you don't know everyone of my dreams
and everyone of my fears
and all because we don't agree
on a trending headline?
now what's yours is yours
and what's mine is mine

so, you think that rainbows should fly all day
over the white house
and i think they should come out
only after it rains
and i think that the confederate flag
should be buried under lynching trees
and you think that's insane
and now somehow, without thinking,
we no longer see each other the same
how can a headline hold so much weight?
why do we give it so much power?

how can we allow it to burn us from the other
and make it to where we are no longer
sisters and brothers
friends or lovers?
why do crash ourselves against a headline
when it only lasts an hour?

tell me are we not more than a title?
can't you see that this pushes our true selves undercover
making us superficial idols?
can't you see it's harder for people to truly get to know
and love us for who we are
when we meet them under an umbrella:
being it straight/ gay/ transgender
black/ white/ coco brown
or some mixer of high yellow
for it objectifies our being
make us to be only
what people on the outside are seeing:
sexual preference

none of that truly represents who we are
we are unique
we are loving
we are of good character
we are God's children
we are kind
we are dreamers
we are hard workers
we are honest
but we have become blind to these headlines
that are erasing twenty year friendshipships
headlines that are erasing amazing love
headlines that are erasing true reality
and all because a headline is all anyone is thinking of

but i think of you
and you think to build a bridge

Friday, November 25, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: america,equality,freedom,gay,peace,race,racism,religion,sexuality,transgender
Douglas Scotney 25 November 2016

great sentence, dy.sin

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Dy.sin The Writer 26 November 2016

I appreciate you

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Gajanan Mishra 25 November 2016

let us build a bridge- love and truth

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Dy.sin The Writer 26 November 2016

i love the idea of building a bridge to connect peacefully with whatever is on the other side. This poem, however, was designed to shine a light on the separation that has come as a result to a difference of opinion or way of thinking. Be it a difference that seems to hold so much weight that it buries all else.

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